EDS 820


With the new EDS 824 with enhanced functions, HYDAC ELECTRONIC offers a compact IO-Link pressure switch, able to measure the device temperature in addition to pressure measurement.

Pressure and device temperature can be freely assigned to the switching outputs or to the switching bits. The status of the switching position is signalised by differently coloured LEDs at the electrical connection.

The EDS 824 with pressure and temperature measurement option of course also provides all the conveniences offed by the standard version EDS 824 IO-Link. Nevertheless, the additionally detected measured value significantly increases the flexibility of the application. With the EDS 824 IO-Link with additional temperature measurement, HYDAC have further extended their portfolio of IO-Link products containing sensors for the measurement of pressure, temperature, fl uid level, position, oil ageing and particle contamination, and thus, provide a wide range of products and solutions which can be integrated into systems and machines in the context of Industry 4.0 or the Industrial Internet of Things.


  • 2 measured variables: Pressure and Device temperature
  • IO-Link interface or PNP transistor switching output, 1 further PNP transistor switching output
  • Freely selectable switching outputs based on the measured variables
  • Status LED display for active switching outputs
  • Storage of the highest measured value (pressure and temperature)
Electronics - software

Electronics - software

EDS 820

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