Foot Pedals - HPVP Series


HYDAC Foot Pedals HPVP series is suitable for a wide range of applications. Indeed it has a range of foot pedal controls and its support is an extensive range of control curve characteristics and a choice of handle options.

Furthermore, our engineers can offer specialist support to optimise this product to suit your application. Moreover, our comprehensive Sales and Service facility supports the product around the world.

  • Firstly, compact and lightweight
  • Ports ideally positioned for ease of installation
  • Simple to mount
  • Compatible with a wide range of product
  • The insulation of the operator from high-temperature components
  • Proven, simple pressure reducing elements
  • A wide range of low hysteresis, high accuracy, pressure control curves
  • A range of operator pedal efforts available
  • Rubber boot protection to prevent ingress of airborne contaminant
  • Rubber boot suitable for a wide range of environmental conditions
  • Plunger manufactured from non-corrosive steel
  • Plus, end of stroke limited externally to prevent any damage to internal components
  • Also, a double lip seal option is available for increasing the product life
  • Finally, optimised the angular movement of the foot pedal
Foot Pedals HPVP Series

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