Multi-Function Ergonomics and Knobs Handles


The materials can suit either internal or external use and are resistant to ultra-violet effects. Plus, they are also suitable for a wide range of other environmental conditions.

Furthermore, the standard straight ergonomic handle is available with a range of switches and push-buttons. On the other hand, the MFE handle range is available with a range of switches and push buttons to suit different operating and environmental conditions. Also, the configuration of the MFE handle range can suit either left hand or right-hand operation.

Furthermore, it is possible to accommodate different circuit arrangements within the handle. It is also possible to build the wiring into connectors to customers specifications.

  • A range of knobs for individual lever control
  • A range of straight levers, with and without switches, for dual-axis controls
  • An extensive range of stylish multifunctional lever options
  • An extensive range of electrical switch and button options
  • It is adaptable to both Hydac and other manufacturers equipment
  • Circuits and connectors to customer requirements
  • Switch options allow left hand or right-hand operation
  • Also, it is tolerant to many environmental conditions
  • High durability and a low maintenance
MultiFunction Ergonomics and Knobs Handles

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