Balers and wrappers

Balers and wrappers

HYDAC covers all different types of applications in the agricultural equipment sector as well as in trailer-mounted machinery and in agricultural trailers. Balers and wrappers are one of the main applications. Two types of balers have become established: round and square balers. HYDAC hydraulics gets it done, and all from one supplier.

  • Working hydraulics to control the cylinder position functions, hydraulic motors and press pressure control
  • Sensors: Pressure, temperature and contamination; standard and customised system electronics
  • Accumulators: Piston accumulators; diaphragm accumulators; bladder accumulators
  • Accessories for the completion of the system

Round balers

  • Fixed chamber balers
  • Balers with variable pressing chambers

The fixed chamber baler forms a bale with a fixed diameter, normally by means of a bar chain.

In balers with variable pressure chambers, the pressing chamber diameter is altered by means of belts combined with clamping arms. The belt forms the bale from the smallest diameter to the desired final diameter. This enables higher compressed densities to be achieved in the core of the bale than is possible with the fixed chamber.

In both types, the rear flap is opened at the end, after the bale has been wrapped up in a net or in a film, and the bale is ejected from the baler. The rear flap should be opened and closed as quickly as possible, as the baling procedure is paused during this time. Control blocks with integrated load-holding valves from the RSM series are ideal for providing optimum control of this function.

Square balers

Baling technology actually originated in square balers. The major benefit of such balers is that the baling process does not need to be paused when the bale is ejected. This provides a continuously high work performance and handling is easier in the case of small bales.