Ballast water technology

Ballast water technology

Ballast water quality AutoFilt process filters

Filter and treat water in the maritime industry with automatic back-flushing filters from HYDAC's AutoFilt series – for more efficient and sustainable machine operation.


Advanced filtration technology suited to an application

Tried-and-tested quality with continuous product development

Water treatment technology in maritime applications requires continuous improvement.

As a specialist with many years of experience in automatic pre-filtration, HYDAC invests in and works on further development to meet this requirement.


Filtration flexibility and scope in ballast water market

Tailor-made application solutions

Filtration requirements are diverse. To suit an application's requirements, customers can choose between two interchangeable element types in one filter housing.

HYDAC is one of the few  filter manufacturers in the ballast water market that permits customers to use different types of filter baskets flexibly in the same filter housing while adhering to the particle retention regulations prescribed by the IMO and USCG.

The company also provides 11 filter sizes, which enables it to supply tailor-made and adaptive designs.


Retrofitting with AutoFilt

Not a problem with HYDAC AutoFilt

HYDAC’s products are ideally suited to retrofitting and are highly flexible due to adjustable flange connections.


AutoFilt automatic back-flushing filters

One solution among many: HYDAC AutoFilt RF14 - fast, robust, and reliable

Basket-based back-flushing filter technology is used in the AutoFilt RF14 as a supplement to the automatic filter product range.

Customers can choose between a plain screen basket and a Δ-mesh basket to suit application requirements.

HYDAC offers reliable cleaning, even under extreme conditions, with contamination loads of >1000mg/l.


HYDAC AutoFiltRF14 back-flushing filter advantages

Advantages of the HYDAC AutoFiltRF14 back-flushing filter include the following.

Durable and robust

The HYDAC AutoFilt offers protection for all components such as nozzles, coolers, and diaphragms, to name a few.

 Extensive know-how

HYDAC partners with the customer to create expert, custom-designed filtration solutions due to many years of experience in the application of process filters and a wide range of certifications under its belt.

Efficient and fast cleaning

Cleaning takes place in a single step due to a high-speed suction right at the filter basket.

The customer also enjoys less maintenance work and reduced flushing water loss when using HYDAC products.

Tailor-made and adaptable

HYDAC’s product portfolio offers a tailor-made and adaptive design according to requirement, with two interchangeable element types in one filter housing.

Inlet and outlet flanges and back-flush line can be arranged in different positions to each other so that the filter can be easily integrated into a system’s layout.

Very fine filtration

AutoFilt RF14 boasts a filtration rating of 20-80µm.


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