Maritime technology

Maritime technology

Components, systems, and services for maritime applications


HYDAC can meet the diverse requirements of the maritime and shipping industry globally because of its wide range of products combined with expertise in development, production, sales, and service.

Components and systems are specially adapted to suit maritime applications and provide maximum availability.

Solutions reliably get the job done in extreme offshore environmental conditions, in potentially explosive atmospheres, and even under water.


Support for ship lifecycle

HYDAC supports system manufacturers, shipyards, and shipping companies throughout the ship’s lifecycle through condition monitoring and fluid care products to ensure smooth operation, low operating costs and maximum availability.

Operations include:

  • Hydraulic and hybrid drive solutions
  • Open-loop and closed-loop control of movement processes
  • Conditioning of operating media and fuel
  • Energy storage for emergency functions, as an example
  • Automotive pre-filtration for ballast water treatment systems
  • Cooling of electrical drives and servo motors
  • Sensor systems and condition monitoring
  • Installation material, saltwater-resistant mounting systems
  • Special materials and coatings
  • Start-up and repair of hydraulic systems
  • Rinse-cleaning (flushing) according to customer requirements
  • International approvals and types
  • Collaboration with development partners and institutes


Maritime applications

Maritime applications span:

  • On deck
  • Below deck


Deck and deck machinery

HYDAC supplies components for the diverse requirements of deck machinery. Whether it involves safe and precise loading and unloading of ships, A-frames, ramps, bow, side, stern or loading hatches, winches, anchors. or mast superstructures, a solution is forthcoming.


Direction and thrust control, ship stabilisation

Direction and thrust control, ship stabilisation include:

  • Fin stabilisers
  • Trim tabs
  • Bow thrusters and rudder propellers
  • Rudder gear



HYDAC has expertise when it comes to every motor system, including fuel and lubricant.


Water treatment

Water treatment covers:

  • Ballast water
  • Exhaust gas cleaning system (exhaust gas treatment system EGTS or scrubber)
  • Process filter test cube
  • Water desalination plants and sprinkler systems


Condition monitoring

Condition monitoring includes:

  • Preventive maintenance to increase fluid service life
  • HYDAC CM-Expert (with a network of sensors and software, at the core of your ship)



Further HYDAC solutions onboard with:

  • Ball valves for cargo pumping systems
  • HYDAC Fluid Aqua Mobil for removing free water and solid particle contamination
  • Accumulator as safety function to prevent fires in recycling plants (waste incineration)
  • Shut-off valves for pump systems
  • Hydraulic power unit for emergency control of an observation crane with enclosure


Expertise and service

Expertise and service spans:

  • High-quality hydraulic solutions for industry, offshore and dredgers
  • HYDAC is the perfect service partner for your hydraulic
  • Rental equipment
  • HYDAC expertise centre with Kraeft GmbH Systemtechnik
  • Mobile Servicenter


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