Telehandler technology

Telehandler technology

Components, systems, and services for telescopic handlers


HYDAC has ready solutions to manage telescopic handlers and their complexity when coping with various modes and situations.

Telescopic handlers need to be fast and agile but also safe and careful when loading and transporting goods.

Loading and manoeuvring in confined spaces is nerve-wracking for the user as the load must not only be gripped and held securely but also lifted and put back down precisely, a HYDAC spokesperson points out.


Hydraulics with appropriately sensitive reactions

HYDAC supplies hydraulics with appropriately sensitive reactions that implement all control commands from an in-house electric control.

Operational safety and user safety, always a top priority, are realised in accordance with functional safety standards.

This is partly achieved using hydraulic controls such as boom suspension and telescopic arm control, which prevent overload and tipping.

‘Ride Control’ system

For rapid transport, the ‘Ride Control’ system is used to secure the load and provide safe suspension for the vehicle and its telescopic arm.

For all basic functions, whether they be pump supply, cooling, filtration, steering, braking, suspension, working hydraulics or electronics, HYDAC can provide solutions developed by its different departments.


Telescopic handler functional safety

HYDAC provides certified controllers and I/O modules as well as sensors and valves with enhanced functional safety.

Support is provided throughout, from risk analysis to certified machine function.


Filtration and tank systems for telescopic handlers

In addition to classic breather filters, inline filters, return line filters and return line suction filters, HYDAC’s extensive range of filters includes special return line filters for optimised air removal in multiple variants (RFB, RFT, RKB, RKT).

The filters’ special geometry and innovative technology ensure that the oil flow is well distributed in the tank. This enables high air removal and, therefore, a reduction in hydraulic tank size.

Enormous cost savings are therefore possible for the owner and OEM due to a significant reduction in the amount of oil and material used.

Stat-Free and Stat-X

In the fight against electrostatic discharges in the system, HYDAC supports customers and increases their systems’ functional safety with its innovative filter media Stat-Free and Stat-X.

For smooth operation in diesel filtration, HYDAC recommends its Diesel PreCare filter system range.

Smart additional functions, such as an integrated electric pump or new filter medium (Biomicron), which protect against contamination (diesel bug) in the filter, ensure safe machine operation and low service costs.

Smart sensor Virtual Fluid Lab

HYDAC’s smart sensor Virtual Fluid Lab (VFL) makes it possible to determine the filter’s remaining service life so that filters can be changed only as needed.

This enables filtration capacity to be exploited fully, which results in maximised service intervals, predictable services, and increased availability.

Diesel fuel pump kit

A diesel fuel pump kit enables the fuel tank on the vehicle to be filled independently of stationary tank systems.

Features include certified operating voltage of 12/24V DC, a flow rate of 5 – 50l/min, an integrated temperature switch, and a completely sealed nonreturn and leak-tight valve.



HYDAC electro-hydraulic primary and auxiliary steering systems allow various types of steering to be realised in telescopic handlers.

In addition to standard driving modes, other possibilities include four-wheel drive and cab steering.

In combination with the hydraulic steering systems on the front axle, electro-hydraulic superimposed steering systems and auxiliary steering systems for the rear axles are possible.

The steering valve module from the EHZ series has a modular structure and can be used in two or multi-axle self-propelled vehicles.

Different inlet modules enable connection to all types of hydraulic systems.

The proportional valves used are specially ∆p optimised for use in steering systems. The basic module is designed for a one steering axle and a second module for a two-axle vehicle.

Other modules can be added for freewheeling, locking, or centring the steering cylinders. Shock valve modules are also available to protect the steering cylinders against external factors.


Conditioning of hydraulic oils, lubrication oils and diesel fuels

Dust, water and internal wear lead to increased valve and pump failures, leakage, and loss of efficiency.

HYDAC supplies the device technology for safe fluid handling.

Measures to remove solid particle contamination, water and gases keep the machine hydraulics in good condition, increase efficiency, and reduce costs for spare parts.

It also supplies mobile and stationary oil conditioning devices for initial start-up rinsing, filling and transfer filtration, and filling and venting of hydrostatic drives.


Monitoring of fluids and components

HYDAC supplies on-board sensors for machine status monitoring in terms of solid particle contamination, oil condition, pressure, and temperature.


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