Linear Position Transducer Rod Version - HLT 2100-R1


The sensor works on the principle of magnetostriction. The measuring principle determines with high accuracy the position, distance and/or speed. Also, it is based on elapsed time measurement.

Utilizing this non-contact and wear-free measuring system, HYDAC offers a version in a pressure resistant, tubular casing in stainless steel, for direct installation into hydraulic cylinders. What's more, the different output signals (analogue/digital) facilitate the connection of all HYDAC ELECTRONIC GMBH measurement and control devices. It also facilitates the connection to standard evaluation systems (e.g. also to PLC controls). Furthermore, the HLT 2100-R1 has a primarily utilisation in stationary applications as a semi-integrated solution in hydraulic cylinders.


  • An ccuracya ? ± 0.05 % FS typ.
  • A very robust housing
  • A high resistance to shock and vibration
  • It has excellent EMC characteristics
  • Also, it is non-contact and wear-free
  • A persuasive price/performance ratio
Electronics - software

Electronics - software

Linear Position Transducer Rod Version HLT 2100R1

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