Position switch - HLS 100 and HLS 200


The position switch series HLS 100 detects the end position of safety-related devices on mobile machinery.

The position switches are for continuous use in safety circuits/safety functions as part of the functional safety of machines up to SIL 2 (IEC 61508) or PL d (ISO 13849). The HLS 100 consists of two parts, the encoder magnet, and the sensor unit.

Moreover, using two Hall sensors integrated into the sensor unit, the sensor detects the defined position (end position) of the magnet. Therefore, it transmits the switching condition "ON" if there is a detection of this position, or otherwise the switching condition "OFF". Switching conditions are output as permanent PWM signals. During stable normal operation, the position switch cyclically performs internal diagnostic steps, which identify systematic and random errors. Therefore, there is a detection of errors which are occurring immediately. So, it completely deactivates the output signal and it restarts the sensor.

Special features:

  • A compact design
  • A robust housing suitable for mobile applications
  • A high operating temperature range
  • PWM output
  • Also, a IP 67 male connector
  • SIL 2 / PL d certification
Electronics - software

Electronics - software

Position switch HLS 100 and HLS 200

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