HYDAC KineSys Motion Control and Automation

HYDAC KineSys Motion Control and Automation

The HYDAC KineSys Motion Control and Automation team is your partner for expertise in drive solutions for Kinematic Systems.

Depending on the task, either a hydraulic or electromechanical solution will be developed – from a simple control right up to high dynamic controls.

Needs-based designs ensure maximum efficiency and significantly reduce the complexity of existing motion and control solutions.

Systems solutions: one supplier, one contact

KineSys uses the comprehensive range of HYDAC products as well as KineSys drive components to produce customised automation and control designs for drive solutions.

Modern simulation and system engineering tools assist the design process.


HYDAC drive controllers have an integrated intelligence which enables even complex drive tasks to be accomplished in a simple and robust manner:

  • Regulation of:
    • Pressure / Force
    • Position / Angle
    • Synchronisation
    • Speed
  • Control of actuators
  • Cam disc function
  • Safety functions
  • And much more

Looking forward

The usage of HYDAC drive controllers offers new possibilities with regard to integration of the hydraulic system with electrical motion and control technology:

  • Coupling of axes
  • Integration of bus systems
  • Ready for “Internet of things”

To discuss automation and control for your operations, contact HYDAC today.