Direct Acting, Spool Type, SAE-08 Cartridge - PDR08-01


The proportional pressure reducing valve PDR08-01 is a direct-acting 3-way spool-type valve, with relief included.

Its function is to maintain a constant pressure at the consumer. When it has no more energy, it closes the port 2 and it connects the port 1 (consumer) to the port 3 (tank). When the control current increases, the solenoid coil exerts a force on the control spool. This force is proportional to the control current and thereby, defines the regulated pressure at port 2. This setting is proportional to the control current.

In addition, the valve has a pressure-relieving function. If the pressure across consumer port 1 rises above the control pressure due to an external force, it pushes the control piston further against the spring. It, therefore, relieves the consumer to tank port 3. Any pressure at port 3 is additive to the pre-set control pressure.

  • External surfaces zinc-plated and corrosion-proof
  • Hardened and ground internal valve components to ensure minimal wear and extended service life
  • The coil seals protect the solenoid system
  • A wide variety of connectors available
  • An excellent stability throughout the entire flow range
  • Also, an excellent dynamic performance
  • A low pressure drop due to CFD optimized flow path
Direct Acting Spool Type SAE08 Cartridge PDR0801

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