Pilot Operated, Spool Type, Slip-In Valve - PDMC10S30P


The proportional pressure reducing valve PDMC10S30P is a pilot-operated, 3-way spool-type valve.

When it has no energy, it vents the port 1 (consumer) via tank port 3. The pump port 2 provides a constant small flow of pilot oil to tank port 3. When the inlet pressure and the volume required fluctuates, it provides an almost constant outlet pressure - depending on the energization of the coil.

Plus, when the control current increases, the solenoid coil exerts a force via the pilot line on the pilot spool. Thereby, this will connect port 2 (consumer) with pump port 3. This will also compress the reset spring of the control spool.

So, if as a result of external factors, the pressure at port 1 rises above the preset pressure, the valve opens from port 1 (consumer) to tank port 3. This reduces the flow from pump port 2 to port 1 (consumer). This reduction will happen until the pressure across port 1 is equal to the pre-set pressure value.

What's more, any pressure at tank port 3 is additive to the pre-set control pressure.

  • A compact design
  • An excellent dynamic performance
  • A low pressure drop due to CFD optimized flow path
  • A control pressure reduction is possible right down to 0 bar.
  • Excellent curve characteristics, also when there is inadequate primary pressure (the max. control pressure is 1.3 bar below the primary pressure)
  • External surfaces corrosion-proof
  • Hardened and ground valve components to ensure minimal wear and extended service life
  • Some application example: clutch control
  • A screen filter protects the pilot from contamination
Pilot Operated Spool Type SlipIn Valve PDMC10S30P

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