HYDAC Lab HLB 1300


The HYDAC Lab® HLB 1300 is a multifunctional sensor for online condition monitoring of standard and bio-oils in stationary and mobile applications.

Indeed, it informs the user in real-time of changes in the fluids. He can then take immediate action in the case of deteriorating operating conditions.

What's more, it is possible to make assertions about the condition of an oil, e.g. aging or mixing with other fluids. The process rests on the basis of the measured values for the relative change in dielectric constant, the saturation level and the temperature.

Moreover, these measurements are available as sequential analog signals and switching signals at the electrical output of the HYDAC Lab® (e.g. for activating warning devices or alarms).

Also, it exists various HYDAC display and measurement devices which display the measured values.


  • An online condition monitoring of oils
  • Applications in industrial and mobile sectors
  • An analogue output signal for:
    • Saturation level
    • Temperature
    • Rel. change in dielectric constant
  • A switching output
  • Also, a compact design
  • And a simple cartridge mounting
Electronics - software

Electronics - software

HYDAC Lab HLB 1300

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