HYDAC Lab HLB 1400


To begin with, the HYDAC Lab® HLB 1400 is a multifunctional sensor for online monitoring of the condition of standard oils and bio-oils in industrial and mobile applications.

Indeed, the user receives information about changes in fluid condition as they occur and can immediately react to unpermitted operating conditions. What's more, we can make assertions about the condition of an oil, e.g. ageing or mix with other fluids. These assertions are on the basis of the measured values for the relative change in dielectric constant, the electric conductivity, the saturation level and the temperature.

Moreover, these measurements are available as sequential analogue signals and/or switching signals at the electrical output of the HYDACLab® (e.g. for activating warning devices or alarms).

In addition, we can depict and configure the measurement values on various HYDAC display and measurement devices.


  • An online condition recording of oils
  • The oil condition indicated by LEDs
  • It is possible to use it in stationary and mobile applications
  • An analogue output sequence for: - Saturation level - Temperature - Change of electric conductivity - Change of dielectric constant
  • A switch output
  • A various setting options via HYDAC Software
  • Also, a compact design
  • And a simple screw-in installation
Electronics - software

Electronics - software

HYDAC Lab HLB 1400

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