Our I/O modules are CANopen®-based, cost-effective, modular and user-friendly solutions for extending the number of I/Os in mobile applications.

Moreover, these CANopen controllers are the best for different kinds of control tasks in a vehicle and act as slave units in a CAN-based network architecture. Indeed, the utilisation of the intelligent I/O slave modules is in combination with and controlled by a master electronic control unit. We can locate this master control unit at a different place in the vehicle. What's more, it communicates with the slave module via the standardised CANopen protocol.

Therefore, this distributed architecture reduces cabling and makes the design more economic. If an OEM provides several vehicle variants, we can use one or more HY-TTC 30X in a modular way. This modular vehicle architecture makes the design and assembly of different vehicle variants possible and more cost- and time-effective than in the past.

Key Characteristics:

  • An easy integration and usage
  • It is CANopen / CANopen Safety compliant
  • Also, an extensive I/O set with a small form factor
  • Safety-certified variants available (up to PL d)

Two Styles of I/O Modules to Suit Your Needs

HYDAC is Australia's premier supplier of I/O modules. These modules are divided into two key categories; Safety Certified I/O Modules and General Purpose I/O Modules. Those that have been classed as 'Safety Certified' are typically encased in a compact, highly durable exterior. They are most suitable for mobile applications, especially in particularly harsh environments.

Safety Certified Products include:


This safety certified I/O module is designed to increase the volume of I/Os in mobile applications. It's delivered with software that's ready for use and boasts user-friendly set up as well as reduced development time.

Compliant with International Standard EN ISO 13849 (PL d), the HY-TTC 48XS offers easy integration and usage. It's compliant with CANopen controllers and includes an additional watchdog CPU.


This I/O module complies with the EN 13849 standard, meets Performance Level c (PLc) requirements and has been safety certified by TUV Nord. The HY-TTC 30XSH module requires minimal effort to extend any pre-existing critical control system, as no modifications or recertification is necessary.

The other type of module is the general purpose I/O module. These are designed to meet the various demands of the off-highway and mobile machinery markets.


The general purpose counterpart to the safety certified TTC 48XS, this I/O module is an economical, user-friendly module that works as a quality solution for expanding the quantity of I/Os in a multitude of mobile applications. It's operated by and used in combination with a master electronic control unit, with ready-to-use software whereby the application need only be executed for the master only, and communicates with the slave module through CANopen.

HY-TTC 36X – I/O Extension Board

Like the HY-TTC 48X, this general purpose I/O module is CANopen-controlled, modular, user-friendly and cost effective. It is best utilised for various types of control tasks in a vehicle and operates as a slave unit in a CAN based network structure.


Renowned for its intelligence and flexibility, the HY-TTC 30XH is an input/output module that is commonly used as a flexible control system extension for many mobile applications.

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Electronics - software


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