Process Inline Filter - PLF 1


The HYDAC Process Inline Filter PLF1 is a filter for continuous separation of solid particles from low viscosity fluids such as water, cooling lubricants, washing media, machining oils, scrubber water. Furthermore, it has filter elements type "PELF1" and filter material such as polyester (PES) or polypropylene (PP).

  • Filter element design: pleated or Spun Spray
  • Filtration ratings: 1 to 90 μm
  • Filter element length: 1-stage or 2-stage variant
  • Finally, sealing material: FPM, NBR, EPDM or silicone
  • A very large filter area per filter element
  • A compact design with high flow rates
  • Significantly better handling than standard disposable filter elements
  • A protection of the clean side during element change thanks to fixed support tube
  • The modular design gives optimal flexibility in catering for every application
  • A low pressure drops due to large cross sections and filter areas
  • Also, a short maintenance times
  • There are also high:
    • Contamination retention capacity
    • Filtration efficiency
    • Media compatibility
Process Inline Filter PLF 1

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