Process Inline Filter - PLF2-6HF


The Process Inline Filter PLF2-6HF is a working filter for continuous separation of solid particle concentrations. Indeed, it protects from low-viscosity fluids, such as water, coolants, washing media, processing oils and scrubber water.

  • Element type: Processmicron® PELF-PM-6HF (6" HighFlow)
  • Material: polyester (PES) / polypropylene (PP)
  • Element design: M-pleat
  • Filtration ratings: 1 to 90μm
  • Filter element length: 20" per filter element, 3-stage filter housing (60")
  • Also, sealing materials: asbestos-free gasket, FKM / NBR / EPDM
  • A very large filter area per filter element
  • An optimised, enlarged upstream area of a filter element for high contaminant loads
  • The protection of the clean side during filter element replacement thanks to a fixed support tube
  • A compact design with high flow rates
  • A low pressure drops due to large cross sections and surfaces
  • A superior handling compared to commonly available disposable filter elements
  • A short maintenance times
  • Also, a high contamination retention capacity and therefore, high filtration efficiency
  • And a high media compatibility
Process Inline Filter PLF26HF

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