Spool Type, Direct Acting, Metric Cartridge - DB16621E-10


The DB16621E is a direct-acting, spool-type pressure relief valve with additional spring-chamber venting.

When the pressure at port 1 exceeds the pre-set value, the spool opens and oil flows from port 1 to tank port 2. When the valve opens, it shuts off the leakage bore to port 2. The additional spring chamber venting at port 3 to tank ensures that the valve is independent of pressures at port 2.

See datasheet for drawings, dimensions, model code, etc...

  • Pressure relief function with external venting of the spring chamber
  • Good, flat curve characteristics throughout the flow range
  • External surfaces zinc-plated and corrosion-proof
  • Hardened and ground internal valve components to ensure minimal wear and extended service life
  • Low-pressure drop due to CFD optimized flow path
  • Adjustable throughout flow range
  • Possible to use it as a logic element or unloader valve
  • Spool orifice available as an option.
Spool Type Direct Acting Metric Cartridge DB16621E10

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