Automatic Back-Flushing Filter AutoFilt RF9


In response to the Tier III standard, the International Maritime Organization is placing tighter limits on the greenhouse gases, such as nitrogen oxide and sulphur oxide, produced by shipping. Marine engine builders are banking on common rail systems to reduce fuel consumption and exhaust gases. Therefore, this results in new requirements for efficient fluid management in marine engines.

HYDAC's solution:

To meet the resulting demand for cleanliness in marine fuels and lubricants, HYDAC presents the new AutoFilt® RF9. This filter is a product of HYDAC's expertise and strong innovative drive. Indeed, in combining the two disciplines, namely robust filtration and tried-and-tested piston accumulators, a new, cutting-edge filter technology has emerged. Moreover, what sets the AutoFilt® RF9 apart is its patented hydropneumatic back-flushing technology and secure media separation. The specially developed filter elements have filtration ratings from 1?m (absolute). They offer low flow resistance and high contamination retention capacities. They also clean without leaving any residue. You can benefit from robust filter technology with consistently high cleanliness classes – for diesel fuels, too, up to ISO 11/8/7 – and highly efficient back-flushing, all in one system.

  • Back-flushing is driven by an external medium
  • No mixing with the compressed air
  • An adjustable back-flushing intensity
  • An efficient hydraulic cleaning
  • A high cleaning efficiency
  • No reduction in pressure during back-flushing
  • Low compressed air consumption
  • A low-pressure drops
  • A large filter surface for its compact size
  • A low-maintenance, service-friendly design
  • Also, an external heater is possible
  • And an intelligent control system
Automatic BackFlushing Filter AutoFilt RF9

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