TwistFlow Strainer AutoFilt ATF


The HYDAC TwistFlow Strainer AutoFilt® ATF has a coarse separation by centrifugal force with guaranteed filtration ratings. Therefore, it assures the separation of solids from water and water-like media.

It has a 2-stage separation principle:
  • Stage 1: centrifugal separation deals with high contamination loads
  • Stage 2: conical filter element guarantees effective filtration
  • There is an effective separation, even for particles < 100μm. Indeed, this depends on their specific weight (see separation performance table). Whereas with conventional hydrocyclones under changed operating conditions, there is the risk of contamination reaching the clean side. Therefore, the conical wedge wire in the AutoFilt® ATF performs a protective function (safety filter) with defined filtration ratings. Thus, this will prevent contamination from reaching the clean side.
  • A conical filter element
  • Also, wedge wire* 200 to 3000μm
  • An optional SuperFlush non-stick coating
  • It is suitable for wide variability in the quality of untreated water
  • It copes easily with high contamination loads
  • A degree of separation associated with a centrifugal separator combined with guaranteed cut-offs
  • No transfer of contamination to the clean side
  • A consistent quality of filtrate
  • Also, no rotating parts: easy to service and low-maintenance
  • For higher flow rates, also available as a system solution
TwistFlow Strainer AutoFilt ATF

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