Backflushing Filter AutoFilt RF5


The HYDAC Backflushing Filter AutoFilt® RF5 is a back-flushing filter with proven technology and vertical filter inlet.

What's more, the robust construction and the automatic back-flushing of the AutoFilt® RF5 make a significant contribution to operational reliability. It also reduces operating and maintenance costs.

  • The separation of solid particles from low viscosity fluids (cooling lubricants, water)
  • Filtration ratings from 200 to 3000 µm
  • Flow rates up to 4200 m3/h
  • Also, conical filter elements provide greater efficiency
  • A vertical filter inlet
  • A fully automatic operation
  • A ready-to-operate unit
  • Also, the maximum utilisation of the filter area
  • An isokinetic filtration and back-flushing
Backflushing Filter AutoFilt RF5

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