Backflushing Filter AutoFilt RF4


The HYDAC Backflushing Filter AutoFilt® RF4  is a self-cleaning automatic filter. Therefore, it separates solid particles from low viscosity fluids. Also, it is available as a fully automatic or manual filter variant.

  • A conical filter elements
  • Also, a wedge wire from 30 to 1000μm
  • And a SuperMesh wire mesh, sintered from 25 to 60μm
  • A fully automatic function
  • A compact design
  • A continuous flow of filtrate even during back-flushing
  • The maximum utilisation of the filter area
  • A full filtration performance after backflushing
  • A ready-to-operate unit
  • Also, low maintenance costs
  • And low operating costs
Backflushing Filter AutoFilt RF4

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