Condition Sensor Interface - CSI-B-2


The condition monitoring interface module CSI-B-2 is a further element in the HYDAC Condition Monitoring concept. It connects the sensor level with the interpretation level. Moreover, It is an all-purpose electronic instrument for converting the HSI signal from HYDAC sensors into a standardised PC signal.

Using the HYDAC "FluMoS" PC software allows the immediate reading of the data and measured values of the connected sensors. It is also possible to read the long-term memory, making adjustments and setting parameters on the connected sensors (the setting options are sensor dependent).

The conversion of the HSI signal can either be into a RS 232 or a RS 485 signal. It is possible to use the RS 232 port and possibly an additional standard RS 232/USB adapter to connect the CSI-B-2 to any PC. By using the RS 485 port and an appropriate additional coupling module, connection to higher-level control and/ or bus systems is also possible.


  • An input channels for HYDAC sensors
  • A direct connection of the sensors via screw terminals
  • An indication of the active interface via LED (RS232 / RS485)
  • A very compact design
  • Also, it is suitable for mounting on DIN rails
  • And it has a protection class IP 40


Condition Sensor Interface CSIB2

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